Welcome to Wooden Living Room Furniture. We are part of Beadifulo Saries Furniture Company which is a manufacturer and exporter of modern wooden furniture established in 1999.

The world business market is growing fast supported by sophisticated information technology. Responding that situation, Beadifulo Saries Furniture Company appraises our new store in wooden furniture store. Wooden Furniture Store was created to resettle the needs of the concessionary person looking for wooden product. In our wooden store we are purvey the best wooden material of teak, mindi, and mahogany.

Our wooden furniture store is the best preference for the sake of your business. We are always aware of our product quality besides the satisfaction of the customers. Wooden Furniture Store is totally serious in affordability wooden living room furniture, home furniture and modern furniture. We are supported by two factory handling by professional and experienced teamwork. Don’t be afraid being our partner we serve well than the others.

Wooden Furniture Store is part of Beadifulo Saries Furniture manufactured products by Amish Direct Furniture which is a furniture manufacturer and exporter company of modern amish wooden furniture . Established in 1999, Beadifulo Saries Furniture International formerly known as Florida Antique, amish dining room sets or UHD unique home decor. On its development Florida Antique accomplishes the scope of business by expanding the company into a company group under the name of ‘ Beadifulo Saries Furniture International’ which is divided into AM Group of Beadifulo Saries Furniture. Beadifulo Saries Furniture includes Florida Antique, Aquila, and Qabana. It has grown into a well-established manufacturer and exporter company with in-depth knowledge of modern wooden furniture. Beadifulo Saries Furniture specialized in manufacturing and exporting contemporary wooden furniture made of Teak, Mahogany, and Mindi. Our modern indoor furniture products are classified into Dining room set, Living room set, and Bed room set. All products are 100% exported to Europe, Asia, and USA with its main market in Europe (Spain and France).The strict quality control is done under standard of ISO 2000-9001 rules and technique for control processing which result in quality close to Europe and US standards.